The Genomic Kitchen optimizes gene behavior in response to the food you eat.

Combining nutrigenomics (how food impacts our genes) and the culinary arts, The Genomic Kitchen (TGK) is innovating how to nourish body and soul for long-term health, celebrating in equal parts the joy of food and the power of key ingredients on a genetic level. Developed alongside global leaders in genomic research, TGK works with or without genetic testing.

Flexible to your needs, our easy to follow framework helps you choose, prepare and understand the ingredients that will help you achieve your health goals – whether you want to manage your weight, have more energy, age gracefully or simply live your healthiest life.

With a core roster of ingredients and preparation techniques that amplify their benefits, this food-gene hybrid for healthy eating has prompted a new field that its founder, Amanda Archibald, RD, calls “culinary genomics.” Adaptable and delicious, The Genomic Kitchen uses culinary genomics to elevate the food-gene connection right in your kitchen, preserving and activating the nutrients you need with plenty of workarounds to accommodate a variety of palates.

Online courses, a new book, virtual coaching and in-person instruction make bringing The Genomic Kitchen home possible for everyone. Personalized food recommendations are available through Your Gene Profile, TGK’s range of genetic testing services. More than an ounce of prevention, The Genomic Kitchen delivers a lifetime of health.