Optimizing the relationship between your DNA and longterm health has a powerful new tool - the food you eat. 

With all of the buzz around DNA testing, the role of our genes in defining health outcomes is often viewed as a fait accompli - a predetermined reality. While we do inherit the DNA housed in our genes from our parents , it does not exclusively determine our present and future health. Thanks to new findings being revealed through genomic science, the dynamic  relationship between the food you eat and the behavior of your genes has generated a brand new perspective on the role of food and long-term health, catapulting it from a nutrient-based approach to one in which gene function takes delicious precedent.

Humans all essentially share the same genes, but what determines whether you have blue eyes or brown eyes, are variants in those genes called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (referred to as SNPs and pronounced “Snips”). We each have thousands of SNPs which generate a blueprint that is uniquely our own. SNP blueprints might determine, for example,  how some of us can shed pounds easily, while others struggle to lose weight. While we cannot change the blueprint we’re handed, we can use food to influence how our genes function within that blueprint - and proactively influence our health. 

Each gene produces unique proteins. Proteins are instrumental to every process in the body, from building bones to controlling blood sugar. Food initiates protein production, turning gene behaviors on and off on a level that far exceeds the nutrient-based model most of us associate with healthy food habits.

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Nutrigenomics – combining nutritional and genomic science - informs us which foods influence which genes. Depending on the health outcome you want to target, we now know so much more about which foods to introduce into your diet to prod certain gene behaviors into action - or, in some cases, reduced action.

In The Genomic Kitchen, we focus on key gene behaviors that optimize food:gene interactivity related to the root causes of chronic disease, the factors clearly identified as potential impediments to healthy longevity. Our other passion - and commitment to you - is turning this powerful model of wellbeing into a delicious way of life – filled with amazing tastes and seasonal beauty – to make it realistically accessible and easy for you to focus on the future of your good health here and now.