I am a massive fan of powering up every bite we take. There are so many easy ways to bring high-powered nutrition into our lives. TGK Super Foods do just that. These are your go to's. They aren't the latest fad. They aren't hard to come by. But they are very powerful keys to all-around health resilience.  

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In our Ingredient Toolbox, Super Foods are a very specific group of easily available ingredients that have a large and very diverse nutrient profile. These foods act as a nutrient insurance policy for you, ensuring an influx of vitamins and minerals to shore up your biochemistry and support your health. 

The more nutrients that we can pack into each bite, the more nutrients your body has available to select from and operate with.  From a genomic perspective, micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and bioactives) are essential to long-term health because they support the functions of the proteins produced by our genes. Proteins are the body’s workers but every worker needs a set of tools in order to do its job. Super Foods give your body the tools that enable your proteins to do their work.

Consider these your nutrient-rounding add-ins, ingredients I encourage you to use often and to complement your other M.I.S.E. choices. Some appear on our other lists but they’re here to highlight their across the board, nutrient-dense profiles. TGK Super Foods are the ultimate value buy, providing you with nourishment and a vast array of nutrients in a single bite. Keep them on hand in the pantry and use alongside ingredient choices from each M.I.S.E. category to maximize their benefit and elevate your food-gene conversation every day. 

The Genomic Kitchen Super Foods

- Chickpeas (Garbanzo beans)

- Flaxseed

- Lentils (red, black, green--all kinds)

- Sea vegetables

- Sesame seeds

- Soybeans

- Sunflower seeds

Try These TGK Super Food Recipes

       Easy Peasy Pasta And Chickpea Soup

       No Bake Sesame Apricot Balls

       Curried Lentils With Cauliflower And Greens

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