Nutrigenomicsthe study of which foods best relate to our genes and how to prepare them to support our healthcould forever change the way we eat. 

How genes interact with certain foods to produce various types of proteins that help our body function properly is the heart of our kitchen. To help categorize these key ingredients, M.I.S.E. is the acronym we use to guide you through essential food groups and the function each serves in your body. The French culinary term mise en place refers to having all of your ingredients prepped—having "everything in place"—before you begin to cook. This quick overview of the roles of your essential ingredients will help you begin to do just that. 


The Genomic Kitchen M.I.S.E. toolbox is comprised of four food categories. Ingredients from each category support the work of master genes to manage inflammation, oxidative stress, blood sugar and fats. Our four categories are Master Ingredients, Influencer Ingredients, Super Food Ingredients and Enabler Ingredients. 

Master Ingredients most closely with some of our Master Genes—the ones essential for managing inflammation, oxidative stress and the metabolism of blood sugar and fats.

Influencer Ingredients essential biochemical processes in the body which deeply influence health outcomes.

Super Food Ingredients

...are a select group of ingredients with a large number of vitamins and minerals that support the work of proteins in the body.

Enabler Ingredients

... help seed your gut with beneficial bacteria and then support those bacteria to keep your gut healthy.