The Genomic Kitchen is your guide to a new way of thinking about your body and your health.

In its unique convergence of genomic science, nutrition and the culinary arts, our science-based system of aligning ingredients and their preparation with healthy gene behaviors is designed to help you make clear and deep connections between the food that you eat and its influence on the root cause of disease.

I’m a registered dietitian who adores food and I’ve dedicated my career to opening people’s eyes and minds to healthy food through taste. I look at here and now wellbeing - including the many joys of good food - with an eye to maintaining health for the long run. The food:gene-behavior relationship recently revealed through genomic science has the potential to have an incredibly profound impact on public health. This is why I created The Genomic Kitchen - with the help of genomics experts and nutrition scientists and alongside my cherished tribe of chefs and health professionals (most with long-term commitments to the food as medicine movement).

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Genomic science is opening up new perspectives on how what we eat influences gene behavior. This is the focus of The Genomic Kitchen and my commitment to you - to help you understand the food-gene connection and find the foods you love that will help you support your health span. Our platform is yours to help you understand the food:gene connection,  grow confident in shopping, menu planning and food preparation and identify your favorites in our Ingredient Toolbox to make yours a Genomic Kitchen for life.

I share The Genomic Kitchen in the form of courses anyone can take - mostly online plus a few live (delicious!) classes throughout the year. Since late 2016, I’ve been teaching my circle of health professionals and chefs about culinary genomics to empower them to bring (and serve) these phenomenal tools to their clients and customers. Now we are opening The Genomic Kitchen to everyone, making the fundamentals available to all health aware people -- especially those with an eye on healthy longevity - through interactive coursework as well as our newly enriched website, blog and newsletter.

What we now know in this era of genomic medicine is that certain genes and their variants can confer protection against age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. When we can protect ourselves against disease, we are in turn promoting longevity. We’re also learning, through genomic analysis, that many of the foods associated with the Mediterranean diet can activate longevity-related gene function on a scale far exceeding prevailing nutrient-based tactics.

A life well-lived is, of course, about more than food. It’s sharing that food with others, finding purpose, enlivening our bodies with functional movement and so much more. I hope you will join our community of wellbeing - and learning. In our blog, we’ll be exploring the science and taste of culinary genomics and sharing recipes to bring it all to life. I invite you to join our community, spread the knowledge, and taste and feel the difference. I and everyone involved with The Genomic  Kitchen welcome you.