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 A castle is a kingdom and so is your body! Just as keys unlock the doors to a castle, so your genes open the door to your health. The Human Genome Project completed in 2003, provided scientists with a blueprint for how the human body is built and a deep understanding of how food works in the body, directed by our genes. We can now tell you which food to eat, and why. Join us at The Kentucky Castle for a two-day workshop in which you’ll explore what genes are, how they steer your health and which foods to choose and prepare to master the direction of your health. One-part learning, one-part cooking demo with discovery tasting events, this program gives you the tools you need to nourish yourself and live your best and

This is the first event of its kind in the world. Join us in Kentucky.

Hosted by Matthew Dawson, MD and Amanda Archibald, RD, The Genomic Kitchen


  • How genes are the ultimate guide for your health

  • The “why” behind the “what” you’ve always been told about food and nutrition.

  • How genes have radically changed the food conversation

  • How to nourish your health from the inside out

  • To create an eating strategy that delivers the best R.O.I.

  • How to unlock the potential of your kitchen

  • To choose and prepare foods that are recipes for your DNA

The Program


Using real life stories from centenarians around the world, you’ll unlock the science that explains their extraordinary long lives, free of health complications. Explore what shapes their longevity, what they eat, how they live and importantly, the role their genes play. Then explore how the science of longevity is used to build an Ingredient Toolbox where each ingredient influences and shapes your health. Learn how these ingredients actually work with your genes to shape your health. We call this a DNA-approach to health and it represents the most advanced approach to health, nutrition and medicine in the world. And it comes without a genomic test.

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The Kitchen

Science is great, but the real fun is when you transform it to your plate! Working with the talented team of chefs at The Kentucky Castle, you’ll enjoy interactive cooking demonstrations using ingredients from our Ingredient Toolbox. Your taste buds will get a real taste of the science we’re talking about. We’ve also designed two unique tasting events that connect you to the ingredients that literally “talk” to your genes and shape your health. A unique way to touch, taste and enjoy great food. Leave with no doubt about which food to eat and why.

Take Home

  • An Ingredient Toolbox for your health.

  • A host of additional educational resources and tools to help you translate what you have learned in easy and delicious ways.

  • A complete recipe pack.

  • Access to the Genomic Kitchen’s Cooking With Food That Talks to Your Genes program for additional self-guided learning.


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Date: March 2-3, 2019

Location: The Kentucky Castle , Versailles (Lexington), KY

Includes: All breaks, lunches, taste discovery events and 1 breakfast

Price: $395

To stay at the castle go to to book or call (859)913-7313. Limited rooms available on a first come, first served basis.