April 1 - April 29, 2019. Live and recorded for convenient study

Culinary Genomics uniquely unites the fields of genomic science and nutritional biochemistry with the culinary arts. Our Culinary Genomics Certification Program opens the door for nutrition and health experts to step into this cutting-edge arena and   allow nutrition and health experts to apply the very basics of nutrigenomic science and culinary translation in clinical practice and public health education.  Prior knowledge of nutrigenomics and genomic test information are not required for this program.

The Genomic Kitchen's Culinary Genomics Certificate Program combines the fundamentals of nutrigenomics and culinary genomics presented in our Genomic Kitchen Pro course (16 CPE) with five additional advanced meal planning and culinary application modules that offer deeper insights and advanced applications of culinary genomics for clinical practice or public health education (8 CPE). 

To participate in the certification program, you will be enrolled in the Genomic Kitchen Pro course, which is offered as a live webinar series with recordings for convenient self-paced study.  Upon completion of the Pro course, you continue with five additional Culinary Genomics Advanced Modules, also presented as a live webinar series and accessible for self-paced study.  Certificate is offered after completion of both components of the program. 

Individuals who have previously completed the Genomic Kitchen PRO course may enroll in the Culinary Genomics Advanced Modules at any time to complete the certificate. Look on the registration form for this option. 

The Culinary Genomics Certificate Program is taught by: 

Amanda Archibald, RD: Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Science, Culinary Genomics, Nutrition Education and Culinary Translation

Culinary Genomics Certificate Program Course Dates

Certificate requires completion of both the Genomic Kitchen PRO course (Part One)  and the Culinary Genomics Advanced Applications (Modules) (Part Two). Both components  are offered as live webinars which are also recorded for convenient self-paced study. You may complete each component of the certificate program at your own place. Live webinars dates are shown below.

Not sure if you want to enroll in the Certificate program? Take the Genomic Kitchen Pro course first and enroll in on the Culinary Genomics Advanced modules at a later date. Click here for this option.

PART ONE: Genomic Kitchen PRO Course
February 4 - March 25: 16 CPE

PART TWO: Culinary Genomics Advanced Applications (Modules)
April 1 - April 29:   8 CPE

Both the Genomic Kitchen PRO course and the Culinary Genomics Certificate Course comply with 171 and 175 activity codes. You may attend the live webinars or listen to the recordings.


Culinary Genomics Certification Program: 24 CPE  $595 (by January 28 )  $695 after January 28

Culinary Genomics Certificate Program with 2 year license to teach the Genomic Kitchen PRO course live: $795

For experts who wish to present the Genomic Kitchen public course to the public in the live setting upon completion of the Genomic Kitchen PRO course. You will receive a complete slide set, hand outs and further educational support with this option. Completion of the  Culinary Genomics Advanced Modules is not required to teach the public course, however  is highly recommended as additional insights are included in the advanced modules. 

Culinary Genomics Advanced Meal Planning and Culinary Application Modules Only: 8 CPE  $199 by March 15. $259 after March 15

This is an add-on option for experts who have completed the Genomic Kitchen Pro course already and wish to add on advanced modules. 


After registering for the Culinary Genomics Certificate Program, you will be automatically enrolled in the Genomic Kitchen Pro course  and the Culinary Genomics Advanced Modules. All sessions are live webinars which are recorded for self-paced learning.