The menu is the door to change. Chefs hold the key.

Whether working as a private chef or in an institutional setting, culinary genomics can extend your reach to powerfully influence the health and wellness of the clients you serve. Our Genomic Kitchen Chef Certificate Course is developed with a classically trained chef to show you how to combine cutting-edge ideas in nutrition and genomic science with your culinary expertise and vision. 

Learn How To...

  • Lead wellness in hospitals, restaurants and cafeterias

  • Elevate food and the menu from a reactive choice to an educational platform

  • Move your training and culinary creativity to the forefront of health and medicine

  • Infuse cutting-edge ideas from the field of genomic medicine into existing and new recipes

  • Construct a menu that mirrors this new conversation in food

  • Apply M.I.S.E. principles to recipes and menu concepts


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