As health professionals and informed individuals, we all advocate for nourishing food and a clean environment to thrive in.

Data suggest that many of the foods we eat, and products we use and live with, may contain a variety of toxic chemicals whose sum total may be injurious to our health.

In this 2 part course, review evidence-based science connecting physiological disruption to health outcomes. Connect the dots between our innate biochemistry,  the nuts and bolts of detoxification and how gene SNPs (variants) can amplify the detoxification challenge to the body and health. Walk into the virtual kitchen and unpack an Ingredient Toolbox, culinary strategies and educational resources that help clients connect the dot between the environment, food choice and illuminating their best health.

Course Content

  • The  21st Century Environment:  Exposure. Data. Potential Consequences
  • Collision course: how toxic burdens impact biochemical pathways and detoxification
  • Impact of gene SNPs on biochemistry and nutrient needs
  • Nutrition teaching strategies, educational tools and visual roadmaps to connect the dots for individuals
  • Culinary strategy for nutrition support and prevention intervention


  • Nutrition teaching visuals (roadmaps)
  • Sample Recipes and culinary strategy
  • Full References and additional reading resources

September 10 and 17

CPE: 4  Level II - assumes basic knowledge nutrition biochemistry. Knowledge of nutrigenomics not required

PRICE: $149 (by August 21) $199 after August 21