Cooking Expertise À La Carte

Learn to cook the TGK way. The Genomic Kitchen’s a la carte culinary coaching services both enhance and translate Your Gene Profile results—and prove invaluable for anyone interested in cooking for longterm health. Connecting you directly with expert health practitioners and chefs, The Genomic Kitchen’s instructional experiences build and enhance your cooking skills while instilling life-changing food preparation and planning knowledge.

Culinary Education and Coaching

This virtual experience puts you face-to-face with a chef in the comfort of your own home. Responsive to your particular interests, our chefs can help you

  • Organize your grocery list so that you buy the right ingredients for your genes and/or nutrition prescription

  • Help you prepare ingredients in ways that maximize your “return on ingestion,” and connect with your genes too

  • Adapt recipes you love for your health plan and health needs

  • Navigate how to cook for a family with varying dietary requirements

  • Prepare simple meals for loved ones who are sick or recuperating

  • Remove the chaos of meal planning for one or many

  • Master basic cooking techniques

  • Get the most out of your kitchen equipment

  • Create a Genomic Kitchen cooking lesson, specifically tailored to your needs and skills.

  • Translate Your Gene Profile into meals that feature your specific nutrient needs

Our chefs are certified in both classic cuisine and culinary genomics and work with both beginner and all all levels of skilled cooks. Let us teach you the fundamentals of culinary genomics and our M.I.S.E. ingredients for a lifetime of health.