Digestive Wellness: Restore & Ensure YOUR Gateway to Health

Your gut is the gateway to your body and your health. It is your inner tube for life. In this 2 part live and recorded webinar on May 20 and 27, learn how your gut works and what happens to your health when it is compromised. We'll teach you how and why this happens and what you can do to restore balance to your gut and your health. 


  • How the digestive tract impacts your overall health.
  • What happens when your gut gets out of balance (and how we know it).
  • How bacteria, food and stress impact the gut - the good and the not so good.
  • Basic strategies for your best digestive health. How to manage gut issues issues naturally


  • How to make your own best natural digestive medicine!

Amanda Archibald, RD and Meryl Brandwein, RD

Two 90 minutes sessions  
Price: $24