Upcoming Events

Oct 12 - 21 / 2019 / Greece

Greece Immersive Food Tour

An intimate interaction with food, wine, olive oil, tavernas, people and Greece’s culture. Quiet. Gentle. Mostly far away from the bustling crowds and centers of tourism and into the heart of this special country.


Past Events


May 3 - 5 / 2019 / Sydney, Australia

BioCeuticals® Research Symposium: Mood, Genes and Cognition

BioCeuticals® is at the forefront of ensuring complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs) gain the recognition they deserve and ultimately become an integral part of the Australian allied healthcare industry.


November 7 / 2018 / Las Vegas, NV

SupplySide West

Personalized Nutrition: Leveraging Technology and Big Data to Provide Actionable Insight and Effective Solutions.

March 2 - 3 / 2019 / Versailles, KY

Build a Kingdom for Your Health

Using real life stories from centenarians around the world, you’ll unlock the science that explains their extraordinary long lives, free of health complications. Explore what shapes their longevity, what they eat, how they live and importantly, the role their genes play.


March 2 - 3 / 2018 / Lexington, KY

Society for Neurogastronomy International Symposium, University of Kentucky

Neuroscientists, clinicians, food scientists and culinary professionals share their craft and science of flavor mechanism for global health and sustainability.


October 22 - 31 / 2017 / Florence, Italy

Florence Immersive Food Tour

Culinary secrets of the Mediterranean and its lifestyle with chef- led culinary experiences and expert led tours of top history and cultural destinations. 

June / 2017 / Dublin, Ireland

Ireland Immersive Food Tour

Based in Cork, Ireland, the food and culinary capital of contemporary Ireland, a fascinating historical, culinary and cultural journey through Ireland’s past to its contemporary culinary prominence. 


October 7 - 15 / 2016 / Puglia, Italy

Puglia Immersive Food Tour

Engaging series of short lectures designed to navigate you to your best expression of health. Tasting and cooking experiences designed to translate food into your own best medicine.