The Genomic Kitchen Fundamentals - Self-Paced Course


The Genomic Kitchen self-paced course teaches you how to select and prepare foods that optimize your health – beginning with your genes.

Based on cutting-edge research, our course helps you discover how to prime your body with foods that influence how the master genes in your body behave. This nine-module course is a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of culinary genomics — no special genomic test or lab tests needed!

Here are a few other things we're saying no to:

  • No, you do not need to throw out everything in your fridge.

  • No, you do not need to calorie count or rely on mathematics to be healthy.

  • No, you do not need to buy a "special diet" full of daily formulas and funky ingredients. 

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                                        DOWNLOAD COURSE OVERVIEW

We'll show you how to start where you are, using what you already have.  

Quite simply, we are opening the door to our kitchen, inviting you to deeply understand and connect the food you eat with the powerful biochemistry of your body and your genes.

This course uses scientific research to put you on a path of long-term health by knowing what you should buy, what you should eat, what cooking methods you should use and other keys to merging the power of your genes with the foods you eat. Learn at your own pace. Watch as many times as you like.


This course is for you if you want to:

  • Prime your body with foods that "speak" the language of your genes
  • Optimize your health through a deep understanding of how food actually works in your body
  • Make scientifically-informed decisions about how to shop, cook and eat
  • Prepare food using simple strategies that you can apply to all meals, every day
  • Learn pro tips and techniques to put tasty food on the table, fast



Coming Spring 2018

What’s included in this course?

  • Nine Course Modules— five introductory lessons and four practical, how-to guides
  • Listen at your own pace. Enjoy lifetime access, including updates
  • Streamlined science and explanations with basic nutrition insights from the experts
  • Our exclusive, comprehensive Genomic Kitchen Ingredient Toolbox and how to use it
  • Recipe ideas and culinary strategies to get the right food on your plate in easy ways
  • "Get started" recipe pack
  • Handouts and visually informative "roadmaps"
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly live "ask me anything" chats

Want to learn more about how The Genomic Kitchen can bring more health to your life? Download your free copy of our Starter Guide and get a great taste of Where Science Meets Delicious.