This 2-day immersive workshop is designed for healthcare providers interested in reshaping patient care through the integration of genomic information and culinary translation. Through interactive sessions, walk away with an understanding of the science, how to translate that into personalized interventions, and how to apply it in your practice today.

A continuing education workshop for medical and healthcare providers. February 28 - March 1 , 2019. The Kentucky Castle, Versailles (Lexington), Kentucky

Roberta Kline, MD and Amanda Archibald, RD. Hosted by Matthew Dawson, MD

CPE: 13 (RD)

The Foundation

Using real patient stories, we’ll share with you the power of a DNA-based approach to health.

  • Learn the key concepts underlying genomics, focusing on the two most prominent areas of genomics: pharmacogenomics and nutritional genomics.

  • Using an interactive format, walk through two case studies. First from the conventional approach. Then using genomic testing to reveal hidden clues that enable you to take a deeper dive with more precision

The Kitchen

Nutritional biochemistry is the foundation of DNA-directed culinary strategy, and shapes how we cook the language of human DNA. Explore how to translate the language of DNA onto the plate through lecture and thematic ingredient exploration workshops. These interactive format will open your mind and palate to a new way of understanding and translation food for your clientele.

The Solution

Map the science to the kitchen and put everything together creating personalized genomic medicine and culinary genomic solutions for the case studies. Leave this workshop with a new perspective on how to personalize patient care using tools that reside at the cutting edge of medicine, and with a new nutrition toolbox that optimizes food.


Includes: All breaks, lunches. Price: $695

Location: The Kentucky Castle . Date: February 28 - March 1.

To stay at the castle go to to book or call (859)913-7313.  Very limited rooms on a first come, first served basis.