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Here is the library of all materials we linked to from the e-book you purchased. Click on the images in any of the categories to find downloadable resources that we mentioned or illustrated in the Genomic Kitchen book.

The Genomic Kitchen Ingredient Toolbox

Find downloads related to M.I.S.E. Choose from the comprehensive toolbox, or individual maps for M.I.S.E.

The Genomic Kitchen Science

The Genomic Kitchen Science

Download roadmaps that provide a deeper visual explanation of science discussed in the book

The Genomic Kitchen Cooking Guides

Find all downloads related to cooking, or putting great ingredients from the Genomic Kitchen Ingredient Toolbox on your plate!

Recipes from the Genomic Kitchen

Recipes from the The Genomic Kitchen

Download recipes featured in the book

The Genomic Kitchen Culinary Framework

Download our culinary framework and organize how you think about recipe selection and meal planning using M.I.S.E. ingredients.