Simply put, genomics is life-changing.

YOU are born with a unique blueprint that is determined by YOUR genes. Genes produce proteins which are the master directors of the pathways that support how your body functions. Your genes never lie. They are uniquely you.

Genomic testing is perhaps the most powerful tool in the nutrition and medicine toolbox we have ever had. It provides trained clinicians with clear insights into how your genes are functioning to direct the business of your body. It describes which genes are your assets and which ones need a little more support to do their work. Genomic testing removes the guesswork of “what’s wrong?” It also helps us provide clearer answers to questions like “how do I know which food is right for me?

At the Genomic Kitchen, we piece together your unique genomic blueprint with nutrition science and culinary translation and guide you to your best health through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. No more routine labs which come back “normal.” No more wondering why you can’t lose weight. No more living with nagging health issues that simply are not resolving.

We work with licensed and accredited clinicians and trained chefs whose collective knowledge and advanced training in nutrigenomics, nutritional medicine and biochemistry and culinary genomics (how to choose and prepare food that talks to your genes) allows us to help YOU access the cutting edge of medicine.

If you are ready to explore the next level in health, we are delighted to partner with you.

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Our Services

  • Genomic testing and nutrition optimization for personal health

  • DNA-directed meal planning

  • Culinary education and coaching

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Work with us

At the Genomic Kitchen, we offer three DNA-directed health optimization programs designed to give you the clearest insights into your health based on your current needs.

If you are looking for more support to put your new DNA-directed program into action, we provide a variety of personalized coaching, meal planning and culinary education options to translate your program onto your plate.

Our preferred provider clinician network have advanced training in functional nutrition and/or training in nutrigenomics and culinary genomics. Our clinicians are accredited and licensed to provide nutrition therapy in all U.S. States.

We work exclusively with chefs who are trained in accredited culinary programs.

CLICK THROUGH/POP UP: We have conducted a rigorous analysis of genomic testing companies globally, including providing our own DNA information to evaluate the strength, reliability and clinical relevance of their reports. The genomic testing companies we have chosen use CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratories to ensure the validity of your results and the privacy of your information.

Affiliate program with Rouxbe?

Level One: Self-Guided Health and Wellness

Who this is for

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If you are curious about how your genes are performing for you, and have no current health concerns (or you simply like to go it alone), choose this option.

What it includes

  • A detailed, easy-to-read report providing succinct guidance on how to tweak your diet and exercise regimen

  • An optional 60 minute consult with us to highlight key areas and answer your questions.

PRICE: $469

Alternative Option: Provide your 23andme raw data to generate this report. Price: $269

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Level Two: Health Optimization

Who this is for


If you are asking “how do I stay healthy?”, this is for you. This option provides you with precise insights into how well YOUR genes support critical biological functions in YOUR body that impact your health. *Critical functions include inflammation, oxidative stress (how your body handles damaging free radicals), detoxification, how your body handles fats and carbohydrates and more. Choose this option if you are interested in getting deeper, more personalized insights into steering your best course to your health through food and lifestyle modifications. This package is for individuals who currently have no active medical diagnosis or health condition.

* Take our Genomic Kitchen course included in this package to learn more about these critical functions

What it includes

  • Advanced clinical genomic testing

  • Interpretation and explanation of your genomic test results with Amanda Archibald (Founder, Genomic Kitchen)

  • A detailed health and wellness “roadmap” summarizing which of your genes are supporting your health, and which ones need additional nutrition attention with food guidance

  • A detailed summary of next steps you can take and share with your in-state healthcare provider or nutrition expert for further support as needed

  • Free access to our Genomic Kitchen online course

  • Optional referral to one of our preferred licensed nutrition experts in your state

  • Complimentary consultation with your health care provider about your genomic report (as needed)

PRICE: $675

What it does not include

  • Replacing medical advice or the care of your doctor

  • Changing medications

  • Changing current medical protocols without consultation with your doctor

  • Costs association with Medical Nutrition Evaluation: such as labs, evaluating test results, creating a detailed nutrition plan or meal plan. However we will refer you to one of our preferred providers in your state for continued care and will consult with them about your genomic test results and next steps.

Level Three: Health Restoration

Who this is for


For individuals living with an active diagnosis and/or receiving medical care for ongoing, unresolved health issues. You seek deeper insights into how precise nutrition and lifestyle adjustments can support your health restoration journey. We use genomic testing as a clinical tool to shed deeper insights into underlying biochemical and metabolic imbalances that may be undermining your health. We use a team approach to pair your genomic test results with advanced testing and nutrition intervention to help YOU. Choose this package if you ready to find root answers to your health problems and you are committed to the work it will take. This package requires a minimum of three-months commitment and time investment from you.

What it includes

  • Concierge-level team management of your case

  • Advanced clinical genomic testing

  • One-hour consultation with Amanda Archibald to interpret and explain your genomic test results

  • Comprehensive nutrition evaluation and nutrition/lifestyle plan development incorporating your genomics

  • 3 individualized consultations to develop a personalized nutrition program that maps to your genes

  • 3 months of phone and email support with an advanced clinician specializing in nutrigenomics and nutrition intervention.

  • Consultation with your medical team upon request

  • Free access to our Genomic Kitchen Online course

  • Optional culinary coaching and DNA-directed custom meal planning with our chef-dietitian experts (additional cost)

What it does not include

  • Replacing or changing current medical advice from your medical doctor

  • Changing current medical or medication protocols

  • Replacing active management by medical doctor

  • We are happy to consult with your doctor about our recommendations, with your permission

  • Cost of additional laboratory testing or supplements (if needed)