Heat, Hormones, and Sleepless Nights

With Functional Nutrition Expert, Meryl Brandwein, RD and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD. 

At some point in life, most women experience the change. Usually we don't know it until we are in it! Hot flashes, moodiness, strange feelings of anxiety, even a ting of depression. And then there is a little weight gain and those mind-racing nights. What is going on and why does this happen to women? More importantly what can we do in our lives and our kitchens to find some balance?  

Join Culinary Nutrition Expert Amanda Archibald, RD and Functional Nutrition Expert, Meryl Brandwein RD, for this 3-part on-demand webinar.

We'll take a deep dive into the science and physiology behind this mid-life change. Then we'll examine the critical role of food and nutrition in easing you through this life phase. After that, we'll walk right into the kitchen and whip up some mid-life food support and nourishing soothers to make life just a little easier.

Learn Some Nutrition Know How

* The intricate web that hormones weave
* Phases of hormonal imbalance
* Which parts of your body play a crucial role in hormone balance, how to nourish them, and with which foods
* Nutrition strategies to bring your body back into balance and cool the mid-life fire

Apply some Kitchen D.I.Y

* Restorative recipes for hormone (re)balance: easy soups and broths
* Supportive smoothie strategies
* Hormone-balancing one-bowl meal concepts
* Filling the snack void                    

Amanda Archibald, RD with Meryl Brandwein, RD

Two 90 and One 120 minutes sessions  
Price: $39