The nutrigenomic science that informs The Genomic Kitchen’s system is rooted in four categories of essential ingredients, each one focused on its specific interaction with key gene activities and biochemical functions.


Genomic kitchen’s MISE principles.png

MISE© – Master Ingredients, Influencer Ingredients, Super Foods, and Enablers – is a toolbox of ingredients that communicate with your genes. Essential to The Genomic Kitchen, they redefine the kitchen, grocery list and shopping experience as much they blaze a revolutionary pathway to the cultivation of  long-term health.

A reference to the classic French culinary term mise en place – meaning to have one’s ingredients in order – The Genomic Kitchen’s MISE system builds awareness of the power of essential health-supportive ingredients and how to work with them for maximum nutrition and genetic interaction.  

A group of ingredients that support the primary genes that manage the processes instrumental to long-term health: inflammation, oxidative stress, blood sugar and fats.

Master Ingredients


Influencer ingredients are rich in nutrients that support essential biochemical processes in the body which deeply influence health outcomes.

Influencer Ingredients


Super foods are a select group of diverse nutrient ingredients with a large number of vitamins and minerals that support the work of proteins in the body.

Super Food Ingredients


Without a healthy gut, we cannot absorb and utilize the nutrients and bioactives from the food we eat, leaving genes with nothing to work with. The Enablers help seed and feed the gut, enabling the uptake of key nutrients and bioactives that activate important gene function.

The Enablers