Personalized Meal Planning   

When you make the conscious decision to improve how and what you’re eating, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and go nowhere at all with your best intentions. And we know that until you get the food you need on your plate, all that nutritional advice is, well,  just good advice. 

We believe in clear guidance and a simple template that helps you to put the right food on your plate with minimal fuss and maximum flavor. The Genomic Kitchen Meal Planning Services help you transition your health goals into a meal plan or meal strategy that works for you and your life. We know that time invested in translating nutritional advice into accessible knowledge of how to shop for and prepare the ingredients that target your health needs is time well spent. 

We would like to help you create a meal strategy for life. 

How we work

Beginning with a detailed questionnaire and interactive online discussion with a Genomic Kitchen Registered Dietician/health coach, we help you decide whether a 100% structured meal plan or a flexible supported self-guided meal planning process works better for you. From there we work side by side with you to build a meal plan and meal template that reflects the nutrients you need delivered in a format that works for your lifestyle, cooking interest and ability and with the flexibility you need. 

Once you invest in TGK Meal Planning Services, you really are set for life. We help you stand on your own two food feed—forever. 

The Genomic Kitchen Meal Plan Difference

  • Our meal plans are created from scratch

  • We do not create or use automated or static meal plans

  • The Genomic Kitchen does not offer meal plans for a pre-determined diagnosis. We create meal plans based on the uniqueness of you and your biochemistry. 

  • Our meal plans include coaching and support from a dietitian-health coach with expertise in nutrition science and culinary genomics 

  • If you have a Genomic Kitchen Your Gene Profile, we specifically tailor for your meal plans for your optimal gene-nutrient response.

  • All Genomic Kitchen meal planning services are offered as (renewable) three-month packages. 

Unlimited access to our meal planning coaching and support services is only $399 for 3 months.

Structured Meal Plan

Choose this plan if you don’t know where to start. We provide the tools you need and someone to guide you through the process. 

Month 1 With your health goals, nutrient needs, cooking interest and abilities, and lifestyle demands in mind, we create a detailed, one-month flexible meal plan for you. Your meal plan includes

  • a detailed grocery list,

  • “how to” guides and videos,

  • a personal meal planning digital dashboard, and

  • tips on how to get the most from your meal plan.

Make adjustments and substitutions at any time using your digital dashboard.  

Month 2 Starting with a partial meal plan for the month that we create for you, you’re invited to try your hand at the rest. Add meals to as many days as you want. A Genomic Kitchen Registered Dietician (RD)/health coach is on hand to do the planning with you, make suggestions, guide you to recipes containing the ingredients you need, and review your plans to make sure they meet your health goal needs and real life demands.

Don’t want to do the planning yourself? We can do it for you.

Month 3 You kick start your meal planning through your digital dashboard and our RD expert is right there to coach and guide whenever you need the help. We’ll be checking in with you, making recipe suggestions and adding a few more recipes and cooking guides if they’re needed. Don’t want to do the planning? We can do it for you.

This package also includes

  • Unlimited 3 month access to our meal planning tool and recipe rolodex

  • Complimentary access to our Genomic Kitchen Express course


Get Me Started Flex Plan

Choose this plan to create your own meal plans, with the help of a coach to work with you on structure, recipe selection, nutrition advice and more. 

Through a series of interactive online sessions over three months, we work with you to create meal strategies with recipe ideas that reflect your health goals, nutrient needs, cooking interest and abilities and lifestyle demands. We teach you how to build meals without a cookbook, using target ingredients and cooking strategies you can use over and over again. 

This package includes

  • Online interactive meal planning guidance with our RD-health coach

  • Flexible meal planning templates with recipes you can refer to for a lifetime

  • A private recipe board on Pinterest containing recipes and ingredients that match your health goals

  • How to videos and cooking guides

  • Complementary access to The Genomic Kitchen Express course