New! Life-Changing Meal Plans and Recipes coming in the Spring 2019!

In The Genomic Kitchen, our meal plans and recipes have been uniquely created using the cutting edge science of Nutrigenomics, a field that studies how the food we eat interacts with our genes to influence health. Your genes are at the forefront of your health, controlling important processes such as inflammation and metabolism.

Our meal plans and recipes uniquely feature ingredients that are organized into four categories called M.I.S.E., the core of our Ingredient Toolbox. By preparing recipes from our meal plans, you will eat a balance of foods from these four food categories. You will feed your body with a variety of nutrient-rich foods that support influential "master" genes and your long-term health. Use these meal plans to mix and match recipes to create a balanced array of meals containing all categories of M.I.S.E. ingredients over the course of three days.

The Genomic Kitchen has partnered with Gathered Table to create customizable meal plans and recipes featuring ingredients that "converse" with your genes. (Visit our Culinary Genomics page to learn more about genes, food and your health.)


  • Extensively tested recipes approved by our team of experts

  • Whole food ingredients in every recipe

  • Easy-to-follow instructions for all cooking levels

  • Nutritionist-curated step-by-step meal plans for three meals a day plus snacks

  • Customizable plans: Drag and drop recipes to different days, generate smart grocery lists for efficient shopping and even add your own recipes into your weekly plan