Genomic Science Meets Nutrition And The Culinary Arts

Advance your knowledge of nutrigenomics with Roberta Kline, MD and Joe Veltmann, PhD, Genoma International.   Amanda Archibald, RD, teaches applied culinary genomics for clinical practice with this duo of experts. Explore introductory and advanced training courses below.

Build Your Knowledge Base
Introductory courses

  • Genomic Basics

  • Introduction to Nutrigenomics

  • Nutrigenomics and the Dietary Guidelines

Advanced Your Knowledge Base

Genomic Medicine Training Program

Increase your professional satisfaction while providing patients with the best healthcare possible using personalized genomic medicine. The advanced Genomic Medicine & Culinary Genomics Training Program, with optional certification, will help you elevate and transform your practice and differentiate your services from the competition.

In this 11-month Training Program, weekly live webinars provide you with the tools and skills you need plus the clinical support you desire. Gain in-depth knowledge along with practical integration experience in the core areas for health.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Genomic Medicine and Culinary Genomics

  • Module 2: Personalizing Nutrient Utilization and Resolving Nutritional Paradoxes Using Genomic Medicine

  • Module 3: Individualizing Approaches to Oxidative Stress Using Genomic Medicine

  • Module 4: Personalizing Approaches to Inflammation Using Genomic Medicine

  • Module 5: Optimizing Detoxification Strategies Using Genomic Medicine

Plus, an introduction to the clinical model that helps you put everything together along with professional development and marketing strategies for building a successful practice:

  • The GENESIS Matrix Comprehensive Health Model

  • Building Your Practice with Genomic Medicine

Starts March 6, 2019.