Priming Your Energy One Cell at A Time

Join Functional Medicine Expert, Mary Jo Fishburn, MD and Culinary-Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD and learn how to restore your core energy and vitality.

Do you ever feel like you're dragging before you even get out of bed? Finding it hard to power through the day? Sleeping more but loosing the pep in your step? You are not alone. Ultimately our energy and vitality depends on a few things:

  • The food we eat
  • The environment we are exposed to
  • The stress we live with
  • The ability of each of our cells to extract energy to fuel our life

In this webinar, learn how your cells extract energy and fuel your body so that you feel vibrant and energetic. Learn which factors impede this intricate process and how you can remove these impediments from your life.

Then walk with us right into the kitchen. You'll learn how to use simple ingredients in easy ways to power up your cells and get your body humming. Leave with a toolkit of learning resources, recipes and interpretive roadmaps that allow you to walk new knowledge right into your kitchen

Amanda Archibald, RD with Mary Jo Fishburn, MD

One 90 minutes sessions
Price: $15