Ignite change in food thinking.

Get a true taste of the Genomic Kitchen through our LIVE HANDS-ON course.

Designed for Nutrition and Health Experts, our live course features the same didactic components of the online course, plus one hands-on culinary lab and one interactive tasting lab. This dynamic course condenses the Genomic Kitchen learning experience into three days, offering live interaction with learning materials, course participants and food itself.  Our live workshops have been called life-changing by the hundreds of professionals who have attended them over the past 10 years.

Join us for a learning experience that unites cutting edge nutrition, genomic science and the kitchen. This powerful workshop is guaranteed to change your food thinking and your nutrition business.

Save the date: April 23-25, 2018
Jones Family Farms: Harvest Kitchen Shelton, CT

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20 Continuing Education Credits for Registered Dietitians

PRICE: $749 (by March 15)  $895 (after March 15)


  • The elements of nutrigenomics and why this field of science is changing nutrition, medicine,  culinary translation and public health.
  • Master Genes: Function, influence and the ingredients that support them
  • Critical Biochemical Pathways: How they work, why they are important, and the food that drives them
  • M.I.S.E. Principals: What they are and how to teach them
  • Step by step pairing of science to concepts taught in The Genomic Kitchen course for individuals


What an information packed course. I absolutely loved it! Not only a wonderful review of information I already knew, but many great new gems as well for my Toolbox. Your generosity to share this information is so refreshing from every angle! Thank you so much for developing this course. I’ve told my RD colleagues that they do not know what they are missing and to take this course
— Kim McConnell, MS, RDN, LDN
  • Interactive learning experience in a beautiful, relaxed setting
  • The full Genomic Kitchen curriculum
  • Hands-on culinary lab showcasing Genomic Kitchen M.I.S.E. principles
  • Interactive tasting lab demonstrating nutrigenomic and culinary genomic principles
  • Bonus session showcasing the transformative power of genomic information for health and the kitchen

Your Workshop Includes

  • Evidence-based nutrition science
  • Educational strategies
  • Client teaching tools
  • A master roadmap of ingredients and comprehensive ingredient toolbox
  • Supportive nutrition roadmap tools
  • Extensive citations and references; plus additional recommended reading
  • Access to online course recordings
  • Options to enable your clients to access the self-paced Genomic Kitchen course
  • Referral network for individuals seeking expert guidance