Many of you have emailed and called asking whether what we are doing at The Genomic Kitchen is relevant to what you are doing in private practice, community health, corporate wellness and beyond. You are excited about these new ideas, but are wondering if they are applicable to your practice, workplace, organization, client population and more. Let me provide some perspective, answer your questions, and give you some more food to chew on!

I will start by saying that the combination of your expertise in nutrition science and food, coupled with your ability to translate both in the kitchen, makes you the most qualified individual in the entire spectrum of health and medical professionals. I LOVE this work. I feel that culinary genomics positions us as the experts we are, leveraging everything we know. The right knowledge. The right time. 
Here's why

Join Me!

Culinary Genomics combines the knowledge of nutrigenomics (nutrition science + genomics) with ingredient selection and preparation. Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrients influence gene expression, the biochemistry they impact, and the nutrients we need to influence both genes and biochemistry. While you may not be an expert on genes, you have deep training in biochemistry, even if you have forgotten some of it!  More on that later. The beauty of culinary genomics is that evidence-based nutrigenomics science has paved a way to walk biochemistry into the kitchen in clear and concise ways that eliminate nutrition confusion once and for all. This powerful science removes the noise and conflict around food providing clear guidance on exactly how nutrition and nutrients work. 

I can say without hesitation,  that we can set aside  food terms  such as "good for you" and "healthy, " or listing food by its nutrients benefits (food X is a good source of potassium, vitamin C, fiber etc etc.), and clearly state: "this is how food works.," which I feel is what the public is looking for. 

Culinary genomics allows us to explain the functionality of food, enabling the consumer to have a clearer and deeper understanding of:

  • Why we make specific ingredient recommendations
  • How the nutrients in these ingredients function in the body
  • What systems these ingredients support, how they support them, and what the health benefits are
  • How to prepare these ingredients in easy, flavorful ways to maximize their benefit and appeal

And this is what we are doing at The Genomic Kitchen

What you need to know as experts

  • The fundamentals of nutrition science. You KNOW this already
  • A deep love of food. You have this
  • The ability to translate basic concepts into flavorful recipe and meal recommendations. You do this already!
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What I will teach you

  • The absolute basics of nutrigenomics
  • The essentials of biochemistry in a new, exciting and revealing way
  • New language to discuss food functionality to the clientele you serve, whether it is in a community, corporate or private practice setting
  • How culinary genomics applies to every individual
  • The ingredient selection, preparation and recipe tools to make culinary genomics tangible to all

What culinary genomics does not require

  • Advanced knowledge of nutrigenomics
  • Genomic testing or special tests
  • Certification as a chef, or advanced culinary skills