Taming the Fire of Pain and Inflammation through the Food You Choose

Join Functional Medicine Expert, Mary Jo Fishburn, MD and Culinary Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald, RD for some natural pain relief through food and nutrition.

Learn what inflammation is, and which food and lifestyle choices fan the flames. Discover the intricate connection between your gut, digestion and the pain you feel. Then walk right into your kitchen and create some natural pain relievers through simple recipes and home made relishes that can replace some of the expensive remedies you may be trying. Leave with a toolkit of learning resources, recipes and interpretive roadmaps that allow you to start making your own best medicine.

This class is presented in partnership with Functional Medicine Expert, Mary Jo Fishburn, MD. (www.maryjofishburnmd.com). This is a combined information + culinary demonstration class. Expert to learn the science behind pain and inflammation. Then how to translate that science into the kitchen. Dr Fishburn will speak for approximately 45 minutes followed by Q&A. Thereafter, Culinary-Nutrition Expert, Amanda Archibald will present culinary translations of the science you just heard!          

Meryl Brandwein, RD and Amanda Archibald, RD

One 90 minutes sessions
Price: $15