The Genomic Kitchen Cooking Course teaches you how to choose and prepare simple and delicious food that your genes need to steer you on a course to your best health. The Genomic Kitchen Cooking Course is the only cooking course that teaches you how food speaks the language of your very own DNA and what you can do in your own kitchen to be a part of that conversation.

Throughout this step by step cooking course, we’ll be unpacking an Ingredient Toolbox called M.I.S.E. Similar to “mise en place,” the French culinary concept of organizing your cooking station to prepare a meal, we show you how to use our M.I.S.E. ingredient toolbox to create simple meals full of nutrient information that speak the same language as your genes.

This course is taught by Chef Pam Florence, with Amanda Archibald, RD

Learn How

  • Each of our M.I.S.E ingredients provide information to your genes

  • Information from our M.I.S.E ingredients is used by different systems in your body to support your health

  • To shop for, store and prepare ingredients that give you the best return on your ingestion and monetary investment (R.O.I.)

  • To prepare those ingredients in simple and delicious ways to get the best return on your ingestion.

Included in your course

The Genomic Kitchen Cooking Course comprises 12 self-paced, forever access online modules which cover

  • The basic science of how food converses with your genes

  • Shopping tips to get the best return for your DNA and health with the money you spent

  • Kitchen tips and culinary techniques

  • Lots of recipes containing the ingredient that get your genes into action

  • Two additional bonus modules that take cooking for your genes to the next level.

Ready to get started with that food conversation for your genes?