Optimize your body’s biochemistry and good health for a lifetime.

In The Genomic Kitchen, we support your genes with science-based nutrition, culinary guidance, M.I.S.E. Ingredients and food principles that have high-impact on the DNA we all have in common.

What we also have in common are gene variants (called SNPs). These unique twists dictate the strengths and weaknesses of your specific gene behavior.

Your Gene Profile® shines a light on these unique characteristics and gives you powerful Genomic Kitchen-tailored guidance on how and what to eat for your own best health.

Your Gene Profile® is not generated by a one-size-fits-all algorithm. Test results are reviewed and analyzed by The Genomic Kitchen’s top nutrigenomic clinicians to ensure that you receive the specific recommendations that YOU need to know for choosing, preparing, and enjoying the foods that your genes are hungry for. Personal is powerful.

Our three Gene Profile® packages offer different levels of insight and detail into your health and well-being. Have a read through our offerings and see which matches your health status, interest and budget.

Still not sure which Profile is best for you? Contact Us. We’re here to help.


Your ACTIVATE Gene Profile

Learn how to ACTIVATE food and lifestyle behaviors that align with your unique genomic profile. This lifestyle health and wellness report is ideal for anyone in good to great health who wants to learn how to get even more out of food and exercise and feel even healthier and more energized.

  • Discover how your genes influence your nutrition status and exercise regimen

  • Fine tune your health with food and exercise recommendations specific to your genes

  • Connect with a Genomic Kitchen-trained clinician/health coach to review your report and answer your questions


Your OPTIMIZE Gene Profile

If you’re healthy and want to know how to stay that way, Your OPTIMIZE Gene Profile will help you achieve your goals – with precision. With custom insights into how well your genes are supporting key biological functions that determine long-term health, OPTIMIZE sheds light on what you can do to achieve your best health through food and lifestyle modifications.

OPTIMIZE is The Genomic Kitchen’s signature Gene Profile and ideal for learning about your own food-gene connections.

  • Unlock the power of your genes

  • Upgrade your long-term health

  • Learn how to cook for your genes

  • Consult with experienced Genomic Kitchen RDs (Registered Dietitians) and accredited health experts with advanced nutrigenomic training

  •  Improve your health and energy


Your RESTORE Gene Profile

If you are living with an active diagnosis or struggling with an ongoing, unresolved health issue, our RESTORE package is designed to show you how specifically targeted nutrition and lifestyle adjustments can support your health restoration journey.

This package is for anyone ready to find root answers to your health problems and requires a 12-week commitment to achieve results.

  • Restore your state of health and well-being

  • Learn how to integrate the food and lifestyle behaviors to deliver your own best health

  • Benefit from concierge-level team management of your case

  • Transform your life


“Amanda systematically and expertly delved into my DNA results with a fine-toothed comb. She explained each and every find and how it was affecting my life, appetite, sex drive, hormones, detox abilities, weight loss/gain, energy and even the best kind of exercise for my genes. Knowing what kind of food and supplements will actually benefit my body has been life-changing (and money-saving!). I am so grateful for the time Amanda spent with me and her help guiding me to health in my mid-50’s and beyond.”

— Sharon B., Maryland