Reclaim your vitality. If you have been struggling with your health and long to feel like yourself again, enlist your genes to restore wellbeing.


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Your RESTORE Gene Profile Program

If you are living with an active diagnosis or receiving medical care for ongoing, unresolved health issues, RESTORE is an opportunity to use the insights of your genetic blueprint to help replenish your health and resilience.

We use genomic testing as a clinical tool to shed light on the underlying biochemical and metabolic imbalances that may be undermining your health. Your Genomic Kitchen care team incorporates your advanced genomic test results with nutrition intervention, education, and lifestyle guidance designed for your specific needs.

Choose this package if you are ready to uncover the root answers to your health problems and can commit yourself to the work it will take. RESTORE requires a three-month commitment to resolve your health concerns and fully support your restorative journey.

Your RESTORE experience includes:

  • At-home advanced clinical genomic test

  • Functional medicine intake

  • Concierge-level team management of your case

  •  A 75-minute, direct consultation with The Genomic Kitchen founder, Amanda Archibald, to review and explain your genomic test results in depth.

  • A detailed personalized DNA Roadmap to Your Health (See sample on this page)

  • 3 individualized 75-90 minute consultations (~3 months) with an advanced clinician specializing in nutrigenomics and functional nutritional medicine

  • A personalized nutrition program based on your genomic report, recommended specialized test results (tests are separate) and your goals

  • Interpretation of advanced lab results (where needed) and recommendations for nutrient and lifestyle intervention

  • Text and email contact or communication between appointments

  • Complimentary access to the Genomic Kitchen Express course where you’ll learn how to choose, prepare and cook food that connects with your genes

  • Complimentary forever access to our upcoming Genomic Kitchen cooking school online with instructional videos, step-by-step supported learning, and delicious plant-based, whole food recipes