The Genomic Kitchen combines genomics, nutrition and culinary skills so you can leverage the power of your genes with food—for a lifetime of great health.


The Genomic Kitchen is a system of cooking and eating that directly connects the food you eat with the behavior of your genes. Beyond determining the color of your eyes, genes play an active role throughout life, converting the food you eat into the biochemical reactions that keep you living, breathing and growing.

The Genomic Kitchen approach makes the food-gene connection entirely accessible, using key ingredients and cooking methods that activate key gene directed pathways. We call this interplay Culinary Genomics. Built on a foundation of the food-gene connections that impact oxidative stress, inflammation, biotransformation, metabolism and optimal gut health, The Genomic Kitchen empowers long-term health—with or without genomic testing.


Choose Your Food-Gene Connection

  • Genomic Kitchen Online Courses teach you about key ingredients for health and how to select and prepare them

  • Use core food-gene principles and recipes with our new book, The Genomic Kitchen, by TGK Founder, Amanda Archibald, RD

  • Get personalized food-gene advice with genomic testing options that can revolutionize your health

  • Travel with us to the healthiest places in the world for inspiring culinary education and adventure

  • Learn to cook the TGK way

  • Master the life-changing art of meal planning for life

Your Gene Profile®

Combining your genomic test results with specific nutritional and lifestyle guidance, Your Gene Profile can open the door to your best health ever.

Online Classes

From home basics to professional skills, The Genomic Kitchen’s online coursework transforms the kitchen into a center for health and longevity.

Our New Book

Written by the founder of The Genomic Kitchen, Amanda Archibald, this book is an indispensable guide to making the food-gene connection a part of your life. Now available!

The Genomic Kitchen has changed my vision of using food as medicine.
— Kai Peyrefitte, CEC, CCE, Kai Food Culinary Nutrition and Catering