This culinary system – rooted in the science of how food influences the master genes that impact long-term health – is revolutionizing the kitchen by using ingredients and cooking methods that specifically activate the primary genetic pathways associated with oxidative stress, inflammation, and metabolism and optimize gut health.

We translate 21st-century health intelligence to the plate to help you improve quality of life at any age – without genetic testing. Let us help you rebuild your ingredient toolbox so that the food you consume works more harmoniously with your genes.


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Benefits of Eating the Genomic Kitchen Way

•  Intensifies protection from age-related disease

•  Improves how your body metabolizes fat and sugar

•  Optimizes gut health

•  Makes eating for long-term health easy and delicious

•  Increases healthspan potential

•  Encourages your body’s natural detoxification process

•  Supports sustainable agriculture

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Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, manage blood sugar levels naturally and optimize gut health.

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Our culinary coursework transforms the kitchen into a center for health and longevity.

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Visit The Genomic Kitchen around the world, online and in your own kitchen. Recipes, insight and stories of a long healthy life.

The Genomic Kitchen has changed my vision of using food as medicine.
— Kai Peyrefitte, CEC, CCE, Kai Food Culinary Nutrition and Catering
Amanda Archibald’s innovation for The Genomic Kitchen is revolutionizing healthcare.
— Roberta L. Kline, MD FACOG and Joe R. Veltmann, PhD FAAIM DCCN, Co-Founders, Genoma International