Genomic Kitchen Consulting

As the creator of The Genomic Kitchen, Amanda Archibald unites cutting-edge science with culinary creativity to bring a new era of insight into food product development and menu innovation.

In 2015, Amanda introduced the concept of Culinary Genomics, a practice that combines the the scientific principles of nutrigenomics with the discipline of the culinary arts. Today, this future-facing union offers you a unique opportunity to lead with a dynamic new food conversation backed by a deliciously creative platform for chefs, foodservice operations, food product developers and food marketers. Our consultation offerings enable your organization to move forward quickly into this revolutionary new approach to achieving long-term health. 


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Edible Ideation 

Edible Ideation is a one-of-a-kind, immersive experience that radically reshapes the lens through which audiences experience and understand food, ingredients and health conversations. 

BEST FOR: Product development, marketing teams, communications teams, meeting planners 


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Food Brands

Nutrigenomics and Culinary Genomics represent the largest food product innovation opportunity in decades. 

BEST FOR: Food brands, consumer products and packaged goods, formulation and marketing teams 


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We believe that the menu is the most powerful agent for changing education, communication, innovation and health. Let us show you how.

BEST FOR: Chefs, food-based hospitality professionals, restaurant owners, hospitals, nursing homes, corporate wellness programs and more. 




Amanda Archibald’s expertise as a culinary nutrition expert and analyst informs her dynamic and innovative presentations. Widely recognized as a nutrition and culinary trailblazer, Amanda's unique approach and creative vision have helped revolutionize the way health professionals, chefs and the public think about, talk about and make food as health-sustaining medicine. Expert in delivering complex scientific research in comprehensible and insightful ways, Amanda offers classic or interactive, taste-driven presentations for a session that your attendees will never forget. 


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