Culinary genomics–a groundbreaking combination of nutrigenomics and the culinary arts–is leading the new food conversation. 

The Genomic Kitchen opens the door to Culinary Genomics, providing you with exciting and accessible ways to guide your clients and community to optimal health.

Through culinary nutrition applications combined with the absolute basics of nutrigenomics, or more advanced genomic knowledge available through partner courses, you can take your clients to a new dimension in long-term health.

For more than 15 years, we have worked at the cutting edge of the culinary arts and nutrition education, helping countless nutrition and health professionals find innovative ways to connect the dots between food and health. Using food–and flavor–driven ideas informed by cutting-edge evidence-based science, we are consistent leaders in food and nutrition education. As interest grows in personalized nutrition and genomic medicine, our comprehensive Genomic Kitchen courses offer a direct path to applying the science of this new frontier with the profound potential that resides with food and in the kitchen.

Our continuing education programs for nutrition and health professionals, along with certificate courses for chefs,  are grounded in the power and principles of nutrition science, nutrigenomics and the culinary arts. Experience the essentials of The Genomic Kitchen through our Genomic Kitchen Pro course, with a public health focus on how to integrate the core concepts of culinary genomics. Enroll in our Culinary Genomics Certification Program for advanced insights and applications of culinary genomics for clinical practice and public health education.   

Chefs will want to also view our Chef Certificate Course, available online Summer 2018.

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The Genomic Kitchen Pro Course Online

The essentials of nutrigenomics and culinary genomics for public health


Culinary Genomics Certification Program

Combining nutrigenomics with advanced concepts in culinary genomics for clinical basics and public health

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Culinary Nutrition Essentials


Basic and advanced meal planning concepts for clinical practice and public health education




Advance your knowledge of nutrigenomics and genomic medicine