Welcome to a whole new era in health. One that is defined by YOUR genes.

The Genomic Kitchen Express Course takes you to the heart of The Genomic Kitchen in just over four hours. In this course, discover how the food you eat “talks” to your genes. Learn which food to choose, how it communicates with your genes, and the simple delicious ways to get the right food on your plate.

In short, The Genomic Kitchen Express course teaches you everything you need to know about your genes, how they shape your health, and how to get started today with simple changes to the food you buy, prepare and eat.

The Genomic Kitchen Express course is taught by Amanda Archibald, RD, a pioneer in the field of Culinary Genomics (how to prepare food that talks to your genes). Amanda unites cutting-edge science with more than 24 years of teaching and consulting in the culinary arts, nutrition science and nutrigenomics to help steer you on a clear and concise path to long-term health.

What you will learn

  • What genes are. Why they are so important. How they impact YOUR health

  • How food "speaks" the language of your genes

  • Which food to choose and how it supports your genes and the way body functions

  • How to prepare food to provide the most information to your genes, and get the best return on ingestion – “R.O.I.”

  • Simple cooking strategies and recipes that get delicious food on your plate with minimal fuss

  • How do all of this without a genomic test

The Genomic Kitchen Express Course Includes

healthy salad.jpg
  • More than 4 hours of exclusive online content connecting the dots between food and your health

  • 12 short self-paced sessions

  • Four sessions dedicated to culinary strategies that help you get the right food on your plate without a cookbook

  • Our exclusive Genomic Kitchen Ingredient Toolbox

  • 34 “Get Started” recipes

  • Visually informative "roadmaps"

  • Self-paced

  • Forever access

Why YOU should take this Course

  • You are an informed health seeker and want to keep abreast of “what’s next” in health

  • You look for recommendations backed by credible, 21st century science and demand the proof as well

  • You believe that food and the kitchen is at the heart of the healing and health space

  • You want fast, factional food and nutrition advice without the sensation or the fads

  • You believe that what you eat is deeply connected to your health