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Today is the dawn of a new era in food and a new era in medicine.

The Genomic Kitchen lays out exactly how medicine and the culinary arts work hand-in-hand, forging perhaps the most dynamic and revelatory food conversation and health opportunity in history. Thanks to the increasing accessibility of genomic sequencing, we can empirically trace the connections between food, how you prepare it and the resultant impact on your innate biochemistry.

The Genomic Kitchen, Your Guide to Understanding and Using the Food-Gene Connection for a Lifetime of Health, is an indispensable reference and inspiration for using these principles with the help of tasty and pragmatic strategies for eating that help ward off the effects of inflammation and oxidative stress, while strengthening gut health and metabolism functions.

After you read this book, you will have a “wow” moment, whether in your kitchen, a favorite farm-to-table restaurant, or at the farmers’ market. Take the first step on the road to helping and healing your body and stimulating your mind through the wonderful, delicious interplay of food, genes, and eating. For life.

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