A revolutionary course designed to ignite change in food thinking.

March 5 -  April 9,  2018. Six sessions. Live and recorded

Help your clients live their best expression. The Genomic Kitchen Professional course provides in-depth insights into the nutrition science and educational strategies that make the concept of Culinary Genomics both revolutionary and essential to health professionals.

In this course, you will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of nutrigenomics and culinary genomics and how to use them in education and counseling. This course introduces you to  M.I.S.E. principles and associated nutrients that form the foundation of our system of understanding, choosing and preparing food for health and longevity.  The peer-reviewed science supporting these principles is covered extensively. We then unite the M.I.S.E. principles with culinary strategies that translate these vital ingredients to the plate.  

Parallel to the science, we review relevant components of the public Genomic Kitchen course and supporting educational materials to enhance your understanding of what we're teaching the public, why we're teaching it  and some of the questions they may have for you. As professionals, you also receive our signature nutrition education roadmap visuals that support learning and counseling. Detailed scientific references and a supplemental reading guide are also included. This course also includes options to teach this program live in your community, or refer your clients to our online program.

No genomic test or prior understanding of nutrigenomics is needed for you to learn and apply these principles. 

Elevate your practice now and teach at the cutting edge of nutrition, medicine and the culinary arts


  • The elements of nutrigenomics and why this field of science is changing nutrition, medicine,  culinary translation and public health.
  • Master Genes: Function, influence and the ingredients that support them
  • Critical Biochemical Pathways: How they work, why they are important, and the food that drives them
  • M.I.S.E. Principals: What they are and how to teach them
  • Step by step pairing of science to concepts taught in The Genomic Kitchen course for individuals

Your Course Includes

AMAZING!!! Amanda succinctly captured the true essence of the science of nutrition, nutrigenomics and how food works in the body. Then how to translates these concepts into food, recipes and meal ideas. Complete with toolbox, slides and detailed roadmaps to reference again and again!
— Mary Rosen, MS, RD
  • Evidence-based nutrition science
  • Educational strategies
  • Client teaching tools
  • A master roadmap of ingredients and comprehensive ingredient toolbox
  • Supportive nutrition roadmap tools
  • Extensive citations and references; plus additional recommended reading
  • Access to live online sessions and course recordings
  • Options to enable your clients to access the self-paced Genomic Kitchen course
  • Referral network for individuals seeking expert guidance

Six sessions:   March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2, April 9

7:00-9:00 PM EST  *All sessions are 2 hours with exception March 12 (1 hour) and March 26 (1.5 hours)

Sessions are LIVE and RECORDED for your convenience

CPE: 10

PRICE: $399 by Feb 28  $495 after Feb 28th.