Get the best convo going with your genes by adding in more raw cruciferous veggies. 

I love the sweetness that emerges when you roast fresh vegetables. But there's an unbeatable vitality to contrasting that flavor with the pop of raw crunch and the taste of the earth that comes with it. Raw crucifers, a family of vegetables that includes broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy and even arugula, not only provide a powerful food:gene impact but also deliciously lend themselves to a wide range of uses - from dips to entrees. 

crucifiers for salads

  1. Use pre-packaged salads containing arugula, mizuna, baby kale or all of the above. Use them abundantly. Check package dates for freshness.

  2. Buy raw, pre-cut crucifers in party trays or pre-packaged. Eat them raw with a dip. Be sure to check the preparation date for maximum freshness and vitality.

  3. Add raw leafy greens (you know the pre-packaged ones or from the farmers market) on your plate, any plate, before serving

  4. Make thinly sliced boy choy leaves (and their stems), the base of your salad instead of lettuce

  5. Toss in thinly sliced leafy greens to stews, slaws and salads at the last minute

  6. Eating pasta? Just before serving, throw in two handfuls of thinly sliced greens. The  warmth of the pasta will wilt them to perfection.

  7. Grain salads: Stir in thinly sliced greens.

  8. Smoothies: Add a handful of cruciferous greens to every smoothie you make.

  9. Pesto: Add a cup of cruciferous greens to your pesto base.

  10. Arugula: Throw it on top of your pizza.

  11. Use your food processor to blend greens or cauliflower into dips.

  12. Make raw radishes finger food and a part of your salads.

  13. One other secret: Wasabi is a crucifer. Make the most of it if you eat sushi.

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