Nutrition information without a way to experience it is just information. 

master ingredients for daily diet

In The Genomic Kitchen, all of today’s understanding of nutritional genomics is channeled into the delicious food we put together using our M.I.S.E. approach to ingredients. These are foods to taste, experience, savor, love and make a part of your everyday. Our M.I.S.E. guidelines translate the power of your food-gene relationship directly to your plate in ways that please your palate and make eating for a long, healthy life easy to accomplish.

At the top of the list, M is for Master Ingredients - the most significant foods and spices influencing our body’s master genes. They’re a critical tool for increasing longevity by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, the root cause of chronic, health-compromising conditions like diabetes, heart disease and premature aging.

Master Ingredients activate key gene behaviors that protect your system from the stress of inflammation while also building its superpowers to stabilize metabolism. Use this starter list of Master Ingredients to begin incorporating the power of nutrigenomics into your daily diet and put out the fires of inflammation before they ignite. 

Master Ingredients to include in your grocery basket:

Apples - Blueberries - Bok Choy - Brussels Sprouts - Cabbage - Capers - Edamame - Grapes - Kale - Leeks - Onion - Radishes - Turmeric - Watermelon