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The Genomic Kitchen offers you a wealth of online instruction to help you understand and use culinary genomics every day for a lifetime of health. Combining the power of your master genes – as explored through cutting edge science – with proper cooking techniques and invaluable shopping and menu planning advice, our courses will transform how you choose and enjoy food while promoting your long-term health. Explore the full range of courses for yourself and your loved ones.


Our Courses

The Genomic Kitchen Express Course


Journey to the heart of The Genomic Kitchen. Learn the essentials of choosing and preparing food that talks to your genes in 4 hours! Self-paced. Online. Forever access

The Genomic Kitchen Fundamentals Course

Our signature course lets you explore how the food you prepare and eat deeply influences your genes, and subsequently your health. More than 12 hours of self-paced online audio and visual learning. Forever access.

The Genomic Kitchen Cooking Course


The only online cooking course, delivered on demand to your kitchen, that teaches you how to choose and prepare food that speaks the language of your very own DNA. Coming Fall 2019

International Food and Culture

Greece program

Athens & The Peloponnese

Join us for a food, culinary and cultural trip of a life time. October 12-21, 2019

Additional Courses

natural digestive medicine.png

Digestive Wellness


The Hidden "I's" of Managing Your Weight

Food for a smooth and easy detox.png

Eat Your Cure! Declutter Your Body

Superfoods for nourishing harmonal imbalance.png

Heat, Hormones and Sleepless Nights

Fuel your body with limes.png

Priming Your Energy One Cell at A Time

fuel your mind with blueberries.png

Brain On Fire! Food that Fuels Thoughts or Food that Fogs?

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Building Your Personal Health Defense

food for gut health.png

Taming the Fire of Pain and Inflammation